Porting FreeRTOS+TCP to Modem/PPP

hmf55 wrote on Friday, April 01, 2016:

I wonder if it is possible to write a networkinterface to comunicate via a USB/Data Interface from a CDC Modem
As far as I understood the missing link between the FReeRTOS+TCP and the CDC-ECM USB Interface should be a
PPP layer.
Has any one any experience or suggestions for that case?

Giveaway: If some one is interrested in a port to the Renesas RX… It is rarely tested but should work…

rtel wrote on Friday, April 01, 2016:

I’m afraid I’m not aware of anybody having used PPP with FreeRTOS+TCP,
and have to admit it is not something on the immediate roadmap. We are
currently testing some great new extensions, but that is not one of the :o(

If you have an RX port then I would be grateful if you could upload it
to the FreeRTOS+TCP form in the Interactive site