Port for Renesas RH850

mkupke wrote on Thursday, January 05, 2017:


I’m using a Renesas RH850 microprocessor on my evaluation board and I need a “Port” for it to be able to use FreeRTOS for this device. The processor derivate is the F1L from the RH850 family and the used compiler/linker is from IAR. In former projects I already used FreeRTOS with other microprocessor, last the FreeRTOS 9.0 with the Renesas V850 device family using a Fx4000. Now I want to use a F1L from the RH850 family.

Does anyone already have a Port for this microcontroller?

Thanks and best regards,

rtel wrote on Thursday, January 05, 2017:

You might find the V850 port is very close to what you need, but I’m not
sure of the architecture differences between the two. Do you have a
document or web page that describes the differences?

I would also recommend trying to build the V850 port files in an RH850
project and see what the compiler says. That might highlight the
relevant subset of differences in registers and instructions.

mkupke wrote on Friday, January 06, 2017:

Hi Support,
as I already described I was able to use the V850 port on a real V850. I will go for your hint and test the V850 port on the RH850, afterwards get back. From register point of view it looks not same, but similar. Unfortunately I’m not familiar with the assembler mnemonics/syntax.

I’ll give feedback after testing with more details (register etc.)


pradipmistary wrote on Thursday, January 03, 2019:

Hello Martin,
are you done your porting of freeRTOS with RH850?
Same thing I have to do using CS+ compiler.
Would you please guide us for the same.