Port a Linux version program to FreeRTOS

yyang2000 wrote on Saturday, March 28, 2009:

Hi, I need to port a linux version library to FreeRTOS. The linux version library is rstplib that has downloaded from the web sourceforge.net.  I have already created a project by FreeRTOS based on Cortex_LM3Sxxxx_IAR_Keil demo. The reason I need to port rstplib because it implement Rapid Spanning Tree protocol that I needed it on my project. My project is a switch board with 10 Ethernet port and a Luminary microcontroller chip (LM3S6965). So I wonder if any one can suggest me what I have to consider and do. The followings are I plan to do.
1) create a new project for library. for instance called freertos_rstplib
2) copy the files in rstplib to the new project freertos_rstplib.
2) remove these definitions in the header files and source files that need in Linux environment.
3) compile it to generate a freertos_rstplib.lib.
4) include the new freertos_rstplib.lib to my project and compile/link.
5) if it is success, then I start to use APIs to implment the Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol in my project.
Any suggestion will be welcome and appreciated.

Bill Yang