Plugin IAR ARM

jesf0310 wrote on Tuesday, August 15, 2017:


I got trobules using the pugin in IAR I can see the tasks but in the window of Queues i got always the same message:
“Please set configQUEUE_REGISTRY_SIZE
in FreeRTOSConfig.h to a non zero
value to view the queue data”

I put  5 in configQUEUE_REGISTRY_SIZE and I still having the same trouble

Any help?


rtel wrote on Wednesday, August 16, 2017:

I’m afraid I don’t know, it should just work with that setting, but this thread is also reporting a problem. Maybe you are both using the same version? The plug-in is not provided by us.

bluehash wrote on Thursday, December 27, 2018:

I had the same issue. I’m on IAR 8.30.2
You have to add it to the Queue registry after creating the queue.

vQueueAddToRegistry(xQueue2, "Q_usart_rx");