FreeRTOS Plug In for EW430 for v7.4.2 - No Q

westmorelandeng wrote on Friday, May 10, 2013:

Hello All,

I think the FreeRTOS PlugIn for IAR’s Embedded Workbench was displaying the Q stuff OK until maybe 7.3.0?  Or maybe it was 7.4.0? 

The debugger just says this now even though I have all of the correct #defines, etc. enabled as before:
Use the vQueueAddRegistry() API
function in the source code to make
a queue visible in this table.

Anyone else seeing this?  The tasks part of the plugin seems to be fine - just the Q stuff stopped working.
Maybe this was due to the new Q functionality?

I am running the latest released EW430 v5.51.6.

Note I have spoken to IAR and they told me FreeRTOS was responsible for the PlugIn maintenance.  I spoke to IAR at the Embedded Systems Conference last month and I thought they told me IAR was responsible - but I must have misunderstood.

Thanks (Richard)!
John W.
Westmoreland Engineering

rtel wrote on Saturday, May 11, 2013:

Hi John,

This is a known issue and there is an updated plug-in that should fix the problem.  I have sent it to somebody at IAR for them to confirm it works on their particular platform (AVR) but not heard back.  I will send it to you also.  I know it works on 32-bit architectures, if it works for you on the MSP430 then I think it should be good to go.  You will receive a separate email with the plug-in.


westmorelandeng wrote on Monday, May 13, 2013:


Thanks for sending me the plugin - just wanted to respond back to the forum so people know that it is working.

Best Regards,

hk-opertis wrote on Monday, May 27, 2013:


I have the same Problem. Can you please also send me the file.

rtel wrote on Monday, May 27, 2013:

The plug-in is now maintained by High Integrity Systems. lf the download link on their website has not been updated yet then try emailing them on support AT highintegritysystems DOT com to obtain a copy.