PIC32MZ Starter kit running FreeRTOS

paulholland wrote on Tuesday, December 24, 2013:

I do have one of the early PIC32MZ starterkits with crypto engine, I installed MPLAB X and Harmony including the latest FreeRTOS demo (flashing lights) it is the same demo that is pre-installed I think. The FreeRTOS demo is for the ECH version but if I try to change the device type in the properties window into the ECM version the toolchain link is empty. I am also not able to select any other toolchain. If I start a new project and select the ECH type it works but selecting anyother type is not working (tool chain remains empty). I checked the compiler V1.3 and it is also supporting the ECM version so what is going wrong here ?.

rtel wrote on Tuesday, December 24, 2013:

…sounds like a question for Microchip as they provide the IDE and tool chains.


paulholland wrote on Tuesday, December 24, 2013:

Problem has been sloved already after reinstalling the same version (1.30) of XC32

paulholland wrote on Saturday, December 28, 2013:

Richard, I did check your freeRTOS example included for PIC32MZ and I am not sure its running at max performance, I did check the I/O toggle rate and according to your settings the I/O clock is running at max 100MHz but I do measure 40MHz (toggle rate 20 MHz).