Importing FreeRTOS – Bare Metal MIPS32(PIC32MZ) on Eclipse + MIPS Toolchain


Can anybody explain dependences, between avaibale FreeRTOS sources and suitable compiler for integration it into IDE, please
I have got MIPS32 MCU, based on PIC32MZ architecture
And I have got Eclipse IDE with MIPS toolchain
I have to use Bare Metal mips-mti-elf for mips32r2 to work with my MCU
I asking cause Ive already tried to compile Microchip PIC32 MZ RTOS port with using MIPS toolchain and Eclipse IDE(2017) and I ve got a lot of errors, - some of them cause of porting but some of them cause of compilator and linker misunderstandings
Thus, I have got some suspicion about aviability of FreeRTOS compilation in my environment
Please correct me

Thanks in advaunce

This page explains how to create a new FreeRTOS project - Creating a new RTOS project

Is there any reason you dont use MPLAB-X and the XC32 compiler when working with PIC32?

The XC32 compiler comes with everything you need to successfully compile code for the PIC32 series (linker scripts, header files, libraries etc). At the very least, I can compile the MX port with very little effort beyond creating the FreeRTOS configuration header file.

MPLAB-X is Eclipse based and will work out of the box with XC32 and PICKit/ICD programming/debugging tools including setting breakpoints and single stepping features among many more. You can probably make the compiler work with a vanilla installation of Eclipse, but MPLAB-X will make your life a lot easier.