non-SDCC 8051 Ports - request to post/share

jwestmoreland wrote on Thursday, October 04, 2007:


For those of you that have successful 8051 ports that are non-SDCC - are you willing to share your port.c, portmacro.h, and port<asm>.<asm> file(s)?  If so, can you post and/or e-mail?

I’m working on the IAR version - but don’t yet have it what I consider stable.

Thanks In Advance,
John W.
john <at> WestmorelandEngineering <dot> com

jwestmoreland wrote on Monday, October 08, 2007:

I just wanted to post a thank you to David Hawks for making his port available and sending it to Richard.
Thanks David!

John W.

aturowski wrote on Thursday, September 12, 2013:

Hi all,

I am considering using FreeRTOS with IAR compiler on 8051. I can’t find IAR port for 8051 on the official port list, but I see that Dawid Hawks shared his. I’ve got two questions:
1) What is FreeRTOS program and data memory usage on his port? I mean FreeRTOS kernel only to get a feel how much it needs….
2) Is it possible to get hold of David’s port source code? My address is adam dot turowski at ubisense dot net.

Thank you and best regards