No debugging symbols and execution stops at "HardFaultException(void)" function-IAR workbench

aruns06 wrote on Thursday, January 01, 2015:

I am trying to run a demo freeRTOS project CORTEX_STM32F103_IAR. I was able to compile and upload it in to STM32F1 discovery board. ( In normal case I have to press the “>>>” go button to start the execution. But in this example the soon after the uploading is completed, it is going to the execution mode, not giving the room to press the go button. When I “Break” the execution, it stops at a function called void HardFaultException(void). The execution never comes out of this function. Any suggestions???

davedoors wrote on Thursday, January 01, 2015:

I expect it is trying to run to main() then crashing before it ever gets there. Look in the debug options for the project and uncheck ‘run to main’ then try again. You should then be able to step through the code to see where it crashes.