saran235 wrote on Sunday, February 17, 2008:

Hi all,

        I am newbie to this freertos and ARM family processor.I have working with i.MX27 multimedia application processor for my project.I am very much interested in work with i.MX27  processor.
        If i want to start my project in freertos,what are the files should be needed and where can i change the code for my application.
        I have taken the STR91x as my base. I tried with the simulator as am not having the board now, with IAR 5.11 and the FreeRTOS 4.7.1 which compiles with IAR5.11. But the loop happens forever when i run, so i commented the line in 91x_Init.s file

        LDR     R1,[R0, #SCU_SYSSTATUS_OFST]   ;Wait until PLL is Locked
        ANDS    R1, R1, #0x01
//       BEQ     Wait_Loop

As i’m working in the simulator why these codes wait for PLL to lock.
It should run without any wait or skip for simulators know.


davedoors wrote on Sunday, February 17, 2008:

The IAR simulator is a core simulator that does not attempt to simulate the PLL registers. I would therefore expect to have to comment out that line of code for the simulator to reach main(). There may be other lines that need commenting out also. I don’t know if it is possible to run the code in the simulator. You would have to setup one of the IAR simulated interrupts to generate the tick for a start.