Can freertos be run on Verilog code?

I currently have the complete ARM Cortex-M3 kernel verilog code (from ARM official), and I would like to know if I can run freertos in a simulated environment?
Or do I have to integrate a minimum SOC and implement it with FPGA before I can port freertos?

FreeRTOS has several simulator demos available! You can find out more on this page. You will not need to setup any hardware for these demos. You can also flash your FPGA with your Cortex M3 verilog and then use an IDE to flash the device firmware to the FPGA. There are examples of how to do this for Xilinx boards on this page.

If simulations of FreeRTOS’s dependencies run, then FreeRTOS will run. NVIC, SysTick being the main too. If you are running it in something like Verilator I would expect it to be very slow though.