newbie needs help for mips port

enricopintus wrote on Friday, February 15, 2008:

Hi everybody!! I’m new with FreeRTOS and i’m trying to compile a new demo application that should work on mips architecture. First step i’ve replicated the directory structure and after that i’ve created the stub files. Compiling stops because of this error:  --> it’s a nopaste link

What’s wrong? Can anyone help???



davedoors wrote on Friday, February 15, 2008:

On the assumption you are using the PIC32 MIPS port, have you defined MPLAB_PIC32MX_PORT in your compiler options? This will ensure the correct portmacro.h file is included in your build. Look at the file source\include\portable.h for more info. If you are creating your own port then you will have to provide a portmacro.h file.

enricopintus wrote on Friday, February 15, 2008:

i’m not using the pic32 port, my hope is to create a new porting for a mips emulation on verilog. I followed the guide lines and created stub files, and I also defined in gcc options “-D MIPS32_PORT”, and added manually the code in source\include\portable.h file
in order to link to the correct portmacro.h file.

thanx for your first answer, and sorry for my english. :slight_smile:

enricopintus wrote on Wednesday, February 20, 2008:

me again…
i solved last problem, but i get a new error now:
what could the reason be?
i suppose it’s a library include problem, but i don’t even know where to starte to solve it.


rtel wrote on Wednesday, February 20, 2008:

You appear to be making calls to the Microblaze libraries - which as you might expect are part of the Microblaze port not the MIPS port.  Which portmacro.h file did you base yours on?

Look in the portmacro.h file, at the macros definitions for portENABLE_INTERRUPTS() and portDISABLE_INTERRUPTS(), also check the implementation of portENTER_CRITICAL() and portEXIT_CRITICAL().  You need these macros to be as per those defined in the PIC32 port.  It looks like you are using them as per defined in the Microblaze port.