need port for Atmel EVK1103 and AVR AT32UC3C

anonymous wrote on Friday, November 12, 2010:


I am working on the evk1103 board from Atmel. It has AT32UC3C controller. I want to port FreeRTOS in that board. I have downloaded latest version of FreeRTOS but it does not contain EVK1103 board related files. There is only support till board EVK1101/1102 and AVR AT32UC3B controller.

Will I get update patch for this board and controller?

Thanks in advance

rtel wrote on Friday, November 12, 2010:

…please only post the same comments in one place.  Here is the reply I just added t the feature request:

The UC3 port in the FreeRTOS download is configured to run on the ES
version of the UC3 chips.  Use the version from the Atmel Software
Framework (search for “software framework” on the Atmel site) for a version
that runs on the latest silicon revisions.

There are updates for the UC3C in the pipeline, but I can’t say when they
will be ready yet - workload is getting the better of time at the moment.