Multiple ethernet interfaces

My board has a Cyclone v SOC processor (ARM Cortex A9).
We have 2 network interfaces, each connected to a different emac in the processor.
So far I have not seen that freeRTOS supports multiple network interfaces. Not the latest version either.
Is it known when a version will be released that will support more than one network interface?

There is a version that supports multiple interfaces on this branch. It is nearing a beta release, but I can’t say with certainty when that will be.

I just created a PR to add the Cyclone SOC driver that is adapted to run on multiple ( up to 4 ) interfaces in PR 128

The PR has not been merged yet, but you can download the driver from here.

I have only tested it with a single PHY, because my board doesn’t have multiple PHYs.
I wrote this driver for JT electric, who gave the kind permission to add it to the public FreeRTOS repo.

When you start working with the driver, we’d appreciate to get feedback from you.