FreeRTOS TCP Multiple Interfaces Isolation

Hi all,

I am evaluating the use of the FreeRTOS+TCP stack in a product which has two network interfaces. I see that there is an experimental version of the stack which has support for multiple interfaces.

An important requirement of our product is that the interfaces are completely independent. Packets coming into an interface may not create any traffic on the other interface. Actually the two interfaces should behave as if were two separate stacks. In an extreme case, both interfaces could have the same IP address assigned.

Would this be possible with the multiple interfaces version of the FreeRTOS+TCP stack, or is there another solution for this requirement (like running two instances of the stack)?

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The new version of FreeRTOS+TCP will allow for multiple interfaces, and also multiple end-points per interface.

The interactions between two interfaces will be independent, unless the network addresses overlap.

Will you be using IPv4 only?

One clear case is when you use e.g.:

Interface-1 : 192.168.1.x
Interface-2 : 172.16.x.x

Now if you send a packet to e.g., the choice of the interface is clear.

Thanks Hein for your response.

I think that’s the crucial point. I cannot guarantee that the addresses don’t overlap as the networks to which the device will be connected are managed by two separate entities. So this is not possible with FreeRTOS+TCP?

No, we need to support both IPv4 and IPv6.

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If you decide to start using FreeRTOS+TCP /multi /IPv6, I will be happy to get you through the configuration.

The most recent version of the library can be found here.