LPC2148 and FreeRTOS

jrambo wrote on Sunday, October 01, 2017:

Hi, I am trying to use FreeRTOS in LPC2148 application so far I am almost able to build I get the following error when trying to build port.c located in Portable/GCC/ARM7_2000

FreeRTOS/portable/GCC/ARM7_LPC2000/port.c:241: error: ‘T0_MR0’ undeclared (first use in this function)

looking at the docs for lpc2148 I believe it is T0MR0 no underspace can this be updated please?
(same is true for the others with underscores if you need the full list let me know)

otherwise removing this file from being compiled i get the following error:

/FreeRTOS/tasks.c:3070: undefined reference to `vPortExitCritical’

what the heck am i using to compile this thing?

Fedora 24 linux
arm-elf-gcc 4.1.1
makefile in eclipse

thanks for all your hard work!

rtel wrote on Sunday, October 01, 2017:

vPortExitCritcal() will be implemented in the file you first referenced
(FreeRTOS/portable/GCC/ARM7_LPC2000/port.c), or the portmacro.h header
file located in the same directory.

jrambo wrote on Sunday, October 01, 2017:

They are in the same directory, rather they were I had to create my own port.c and portISR.c since it wouldnt let me take out the underscores directly. (Using a custom makefile so it shouldn’t matter if they are)

Got it to compile without errors. Will test it on a live board soon.