Let me know functions to make fail-safe

FreeRTOS has functions to help implement fail-safes in devices, such as the vApplicationMallocFailedHook[1] function, which is a hook function that can define the behavior when malloc() fails, and the configASSERT[2] function, which can define the behavior when assert fails. Are there any other support functions like these? Please let me know if you have a list of them.

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[2] configASSERT

Chapter 11 in the FreeRTOS book has the information you are looking for - https://www.freertos.org/fr-content-src/uploads/2018/07/161204_Mastering_the_FreeRTOS_Real_Time_Kernel-A_Hands-On_Tutorial_Guide.pdf


Thank you very much for answering.
I would like to install a failsafe based on the information you gave me.