IwIP web server example for STR912 slows down

daverm wrote on Monday, October 15, 2007:

I’m running the IwIP web server example for STR912 which you’ve just made (thank you). However, I’m running it on the IAR DK (STR912-SK) as opposed to the ST DK. All I’m testing at this point it the Ethernet functionality.
The web server works great, except after about 20 minutes of continually refreshing the index page every 2 seconds, it slows down in updating the page. After pausing 2 seconds it sends the page request, but does not get a response from the DK until 3 seconds later for each item in the page.
(index.html then 3 seconds later the logo.gif file, about 6 seconds in total compared to almost no delay when the STR912 is reset.


davedoors wrote on Tuesday, October 16, 2007:

Could this be a memory leak within lwIP?  Have you tried asking this question on the lwIP mailing list or looking through their bug reports?  This would probably be a better source of information for you than the FreeRTOS list.