Is there a unit test framework for freertos?

rshpeley wrote on Thursday, July 17, 2014:

Hi. We’re pretty new to freertos and rtos in general. Is there a unit test framework that is used with freertos? If not, what are the problems with using one?

We’re conducting tests on an NXP LPC1769 development board on LPCXpresso.

rtel wrote on Friday, July 18, 2014:

There is not a published unit test framework - however everything is very thoroughly tested - especially newer features. The testing is predominately (although not exclusively) dynamic and provides near complete code coverage (if you look at the ‘standard demo tasks’ for new features you will find these in themselves provide excellent coverage).

Code coverage for the core code and scheduling mechanism/policy is checked using Visual Studio. The portable layers are much smaller, and checked on the target itself. What might be considered a ‘unit test’ is used to cover corner cases that are not easy or impossible to hit with a dynamic test.

In addition, when SafeRTOS was first developed, the core algorithms (that existed at that time, and before SafeRTOS was further developed/branched specifically with safety in mind) were formally and systematically tested with both unit tests and dynamic tests.

…and to add to all that more than one university project has put FreeRTOS through formal methods validation.

Of course, the more mature the code (the older features) the more confidence you can have. Things like formal methods take a long time to complete, so have not been included on the newest features - although I’m sure somebody will do that soon too.