FreeRTOS for Medical product on cypress psoc 5lp

itsvinu wrote on Thursday, November 24, 2016:

Hi ,
We want to use freeRTOS on a medical product ( microcontroller PSOC 5LP ) .
Our device is Class C , So we want to validate all tools used in the development , that will include FreeRTOS also .
For the same purpose , Is there a unit test framework for freertos? if its there how can we access it ? And if not is there any way to validate FreeRTOS ?
We tried to use SafeRTOS , but port on PSoC 5LP was not available .

rtel wrote on Thursday, November 24, 2016:

Most FreeRTOS testing is done using dynamic system testing using files
such as the following,
and using Visual Studio’s cover coverage analysis tools to ensure we
obtain the desired coverage. We aim to achieve complete branch
coverage, not just statement coverage, which is why you will see the
mtCOVERAGE_TEST_MARKER() macro inserted as follows:

if( [codition] )
[perform action]

Adding mtCOVERAGE_TEST_MARKER() allows us to ensure we have tests for
when [condition] evaluates to both true and false. Normally
mtCOVERAGE_TEST_MARKER() is #defined to nothing, so it does not generate
any code. When we are testing we define mtCOVERAGE_TEST_MARKER() to a
nop so the testing tools tell us if the line has been executed or not.

Although many people use FreeRTOS in medical applications, our tests are
somewhat informal, so I assume they have their own tests or use a
similar technique to ourselves.