Is the website in git? Want to propose changes to it

I had some documentation that I wanted to propose updates against but don’t see it on github under the FreeRTOS organization and searching for keywords on the page doesn’t turn anything up.

Hello @cmorganBE,

The website is not in github. We make changes to it through wordpress for now - it is not accessible externally.

For the time being, can you propose the changes in this thread so that we can take a look and add them to the next update of the website?


Ahh k. I can look at making those updates and posting here. Would be nice to get the website in version control :slight_smile:

Hello @cmorganBE,

Thank you for your contribution.
We are currently working to move our website contents under version control. The plan is to make it public in Q3, 2024 so that we can collaborate better with the FreeRTOS community.

Thank you,