Increasing the number of event bits per an event group

I’m using the Event Group API for IPC (inter-processor communication). I need more event bits per a single event group, but the number of event bits is limited to 64 in my platform. Because my platform is 64-bit processor, I re-defined the TickType_t to uint64_t in my system. Is there an easy way to increase the number of event bits to 128? I know that the Queue API could be used for IPC instead of Event Group API. But I don’t want to replace it because I do want to keep the existing applications.

Not at the moment as the number of bits is tied to the TickType_t type. We could separate the types, for example to provide a separate EventBits_t type that can be defined separately from TickType_t - but I would need to check the source code to see if that would create any other issues (for example, lists use TickType_t, so if the code uses lists on the assumption the type used by event groups matches TickType_t then we would not be able to separate the types).