Implement TCP/IP stack for Cortex A9 Zynq ZC702

Hi all,

I am quite new to using FreeRTOS and I have some questions. I would like to implement and use the TCP/IP stack for Cortex A9 Zynq ZC702 microcontroller.
Following the TCP Tutorial, I understand that one of the intial steps is to implement file NetworkInterface.c.
Could I please get some help/guidance on how to work on that?

A minimal NetworkInterface.c should just implement xNetworkInterfaceInitialise, xNetworkInterfaceOutput and xSendEventStructToIPTask? Are there more details on how to develop these functions for the specific microcontroller I am interested?

The stack runs on the Zynq already. You will find the network interface here:

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Indeed, no need to develop a new NetworkInterface.c.

And in case you want to use a Zynq Ultrascale (64-bits), there is also a driver available.

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