How to / where to submit new ports?

datenheim wrote on Monday, November 23, 2009:

Dear Richard,

the AVR port/demo is in poor state. There is only support for 1 avr cpu right now.

I’m currently porting FreeRTOS to Atmega644/324/164/2560/1280, AT90CANxxx and some others - and I would like to submit that to you for intrgration.

The only file to change is /source/include/portable.h
All other files are in/portable/GCC/AVR8
I try to build it such that there is only 1 port for all supported avr devices.

If welcome: in which format do you like to receive such submissions? I would suggest rar archive with full paths…

Regards, Stefan

anders8 wrote on Tuesday, November 24, 2009:

Hey Stefan,
I recently got the timer ticks working for the ATmega 1281. The result is stored in the projects section on under FreeRTOS v6.0.0. Freely take what you like.


rtel wrote on Tuesday, November 24, 2009:

Currently I receive new ports via email whereby I either just file the port so I can send it out to others requesting the same code, or I place it in the “unsupported demos” directory of the FreeRTOS download.

I am currently actively trying to change the way this works to instead provide an area of the WEB site where people can upload their own code and write a little bit of user documentation.  This is taking longer than expected (or should I expect that?), but will hopefully be available soon.  I then intend to transfer all the current contributed zip files into the new WEB site area to reduce the size of the main download too.

Watch this space!

…and yes I’m always interested in receiving zip files with ports and demos :o)  Please make sure they build and run, and any quick start build instructions you can provide to make life easier for users the better.  Thanks!