How to easy debug the the vDataExceptionDump application code bug

my application code run long time , then the crashed for vDataExceptionDump, any tools easy to analyze the stack then know where my application code trigger the illegal address ?

might help a bit in case you’re using a Cortex-M MCU. Good luck :+1:

oh, I am using e200z7 core of LA1244. anyway ,thanks u.

Hi @marklyu
Often times vendors provide some mechanism for stop-mode debugging their devices, typically via on-board debuggers that can connect via USB, or by exposing JTAG pins.

If you have access to such technologies, I would recommend them, as so far this appears to be application specific, and these tools enable stop-mode debugging.

If you don’t have access for stop-mode debugging on the device, I suppose you could run your application on the Windows or Linux FreeRTOS ports with which you can download stop-mode debuggers. There’s also less effective debugging methods, like logging in a variety of places for error conditions and other anomalies.