How to detect memory leaks in FreeRTOS

aeyes wrote on Thursday, October 23, 2008:


  How do I debug for a memory leak if at all assuming we are using heap2.c .  I am not familiar with debigging to a great extent hance would like to know .

Thank you .

em1ssnuke wrote on Friday, October 24, 2008:

What little i know of the FreeRTOS is there are 3 different available heap management sub-systems/modules.  If you look at the comments of each (heap_1, heap_2 and heap_3) you’ll find which one may suit you best.  I think by default heap_2 will ‘leak’ memory due to fragmentation and lack of garbage collection.  The Leakage is mainly due to the heap management employed by that module.  If you need less ‘leakage’, maybe try the heap_3, or build your own (and submit it ;)  heap_4? ).