help with charge controller using freertos and stm32f1

daviddawe wrote on Saturday, December 07, 2013:

I want to make a charge controller for my wind turbine using my stm32f1 and ili9320 .
It would be great to incorporate it with the stm and have a rpm, volt gague and charge controller in one system running freertos.
Could you guys please give me some ideas on what tranistors to use and how to connect them to the stm.
I was thinking of the psmn6r5 80v 100a used in pairs to switch supply power to the battery bank or the dump load when certant voltages are reached.
Would this mosfet be suitable or could others be more suitable?
Also how would I connect it to the stm32 as this is the first time I have used tramistors with microcontrollers

rtel wrote on Saturday, December 07, 2013:

Sorry - your question is in no way related to FreeRTOS, or even in fact software. This forum is specifically to support FreeRTOS, so it is not the right place to get answers to your questions.