GNU license and FreeRTOS license

yyang2000 wrote on Tuesday, March 31, 2009:

Hi, I am black about the license knowledge. I wonder if anyone help me to figure out how to use the GNU license and FreeRTOS license as I read the License chapter from But I got a little bit rusty to understand. It said FreeRTOS license is free but needs GNU license. Is it correct?

Question: Where do I obtain a GNU license? Once I get GNU license and then copy it to my project folder as a header file? Is it correct?

Notice: My project is using FreeRTOS demo code and has been modified and added some stuff to fit my project need. But the whole architecture is based on FreeRTOS demo for an Evaluation board. We are not distribute the software. But as the driver, it will post on our web for customer to download.

Bill Yang

rtel wrote on Wednesday, April 01, 2009:

FreeRTOS is provided with a modified GPL license as per the text on the WEB site and in the license folder of the download.  You don’t need to get anything else.  The license is in the download and referenced in the comments at the top of each file.

The license permits your application code to remain closed source, while keeping the kernel open source.