FreeRTOSv10 - TraceRecord Lib integration

tugrulguclu wrote on Monday, October 15, 2018:

I`m trying to integrate trace recorder ilbrary to my project. My settings are below

*using Eclipse Mars with FreeRTOSv10
*version of tracerecord lib is v4.1.5
*target platform is Nios II Altera
*Debugger : Altera USB Blaster

I followed the steps described here and configured trace recorder in snapshot mode and build succeeded. But when I try to export memory for analyzing in traceanalyzer I`m having 2 problems
Problem 1 : I instaled an Eclipse plugin from percepio which automatically detects trace recorder buffer and exports memory so traceanalyzer can use. When I click the “Save Trace” button I immediately got “No Debug Session found” message. Has anyone seen this

Problem 2: Since plugin did not work I tried to export it manually using memory window. I was able to to this with the earlier version of eclipse and trace recorder but this time I cant find the button to export Eclipse Memory window. Normally what I do is find the address of trace buffer and add to memory windows. Then click the export memory button which has a text on it like "1010101" but with Eclipse Mars I cant even seen the export function on the dialog

I have also attached captures about these issues

Has anyone experienced a similar issue ?

Kind Regards

rtel wrote on Monday, October 15, 2018:

Would recommend contacting Percepio support directly.