FreeRtos with Arduino Mega

sakthikappu wrote on Monday, July 17, 2017:


I am trying to port FreeRtos with arduino mega and ethernet of following application given in the link

So i have downloaded the freertos libraries from the below link provided and included in the Arduino IDE

The compliation was successful , i wrote two task function one is the above application and another one is blink program , when i upload the program the upload was successfull but the none of the application is running
As i am new to freeRtos i couldnt able to find what might be the issue
Can anybody help to resolve this

rtel wrote on Monday, July 17, 2017:

I’m not familiar with the code you reference from a third party site, or
the Arduino as such, so can only make suggestions. First is, did you
try running the application exactly as you downloaded it, before adding
in your own task? Second is, if you use a debugger to step into the
vTaskStartScheduler() function, how far does it get (does it ever jump
to the first task?)?