FreeRTOS version archive

nickatkandevsys wrote on Monday, January 23, 2017:

Is there a place where the documentation for FreeRTOS versions is stored. I know I can get the latest from the website but when things move on r.g. from v8 to v9 where can I access the v8 documentation. Are there previous version of the PDF reference manual?


rtel wrote on Monday, January 23, 2017:

Old versions are not made available. If you write directly to me at r
dot barry (at) freertos _dot org with the version you want I might be
able to supply it, but no promises (depends how old it is).

I know that this is 4 years old, however I am looking for documentation for FreeRTOS 6.0.5 (10+ years old). I have a project that is using that version and I want to upgrade it but want to know more about the 6.0.5 function so that I can upgrade things intelligently.

Does anyone know where I can obtain this? @rtel, is your offer still valid and do you have access to 6.0.5 (or something close) documentation?

You can write to the same address below and let me know the version – looking at what I have I will be able to give you something very close to that version just by looking at the data of the release of the reference manual and release data of the code. Those early versions of the reference manual didn’t include the code version number.