Documentation for each FreeRTOS release

Hi, Where can I find the documentation tied to a particular FreeRTOS release? Just as one can for Python, say, with

It doesn’t appear to be in the I don’t notice an accompanying ZIP for docs. Nor did I spot a repo on GitHub.

If a project ties one to a FreeRTOS that isn’t the latest version where is its documentation?

Thanks, Ralph.

None of these are idea:

The pdf reference manuals are versioned per release, but generally we only link to the latest:

The History file will tell you when features and API functions were introduced: and

API functions on the site will often say the version they were introduced in.

The source files for any given release also contain the documentation - for example see

Hi Richard, Thanks for the pointers.

I’d be happy with a PDF reference tome, but FreeRTOS_Reference_Manual_V10.0.0.pdf says it’s for ‘10.0.0 issue 1’, presumably that’s the issue 1 of the PDF. So it doesn’t look to be versioned per release of FreeRTOS.

I don’t want to double-check everything by searching a history file. I just want to be confined within a document that tries to match the source I’m using. So if needs be, that’s the source itself, but then there’s all the code getting in the way. :slight_smile:

Is improving this area on a roadmap? Say by building the documentation from the source, e.g. Doxygen, or maintaining it as mark-up text alongside the source so it’s in lockstep for every code review, etc?

Thanks, Ralph.