FreeRTOS V10.2 issues with IAR compiler


Here am using CMAKE with IAR compiler and integrating FreeRTOS to my project, where am seeing below error. Not able to digest and find out what is the root cause of error please help me.

Error[Lc036]: no block or place matches the pattern “ro code section CODE in portasm.s.o(libBSW.a) symbols: [vPortEnableVFP, PendSV_Handler, SVC_Handler, vPortStartFirstTask]”

From the symbols in the error message it looks like you are building one of the Cortex-M ports.
The error message is telling you portasm.s expects there to be a read only section in the linker script called CODE, but there isn’t. I don’t know what libBSW.a is. I suspect either your linker script or options passed to the assembler are incorrect, but can’t be sure.