FreeRtos + TCP/IP don't revceive messages with arm compiler v6

I’m having an issue using the TCP/IP task after I switched the compiler from arm compiler v5 to arm compiler v6. I’m using TCP/IP BufferAllocation_2 and heap 4.

The issue I’m seeing FreeRTOS_IPInit with DHCP configured. in the v5 compiler I had no problem and received an IP from the server but after switching to v6 I’m stuck on the discover phase of DHCP until timeout. I’m seeing the discover message being sent to the server and the server trying to reply with an offer.

Any ideas about what can cause this issue?

Is v6 the LLVM version? If so, are you using the FreeRTOS GCC port? Again, if so, then you may have to switch the include path to ensure the correct structure packing headers get included.