About the FreeRtos version of ARM R5

I want to know if there is a FreeRtos version suitable for cortex-R5. I tried several versions of FreeRtos on the DS 5 development platform, but they all failed.

Which specific processor are you using (Vendor and Model)? Which ports have you tried?

Hi @zsdfgsdfsdfas,
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To clarify the problem you met, could you share the FreeRTOS versions you’ve tried and the platform you’re using?


Sorry to reply to you so late due to some personal reasons. The port I’m trying to use is CR5 under the GCC directory of version 9.0.0. I wonder if this version is possible?

The versions I use are 9.0.0 and 10.1.1, and the development platform I use is ARM’s ARM Development Studio 5.

In addition, I saw this paragraph in the DS 5 development documentation. If this is true, I wonder how much impact it will have on the development of this area?

You mean you are using this port - https://github.com/FreeRTOS/FreeRTOS-Kernel/tree/main/portable/GCC/ARM_CR5?

If yes, would you elaborate what problem are you facing?

Yes, I am trying to use this port, but, unfortunately, I did not find the corresponding reference code on DS 5, nor did I succeed. I just want to know, for the R5 kernel, 9.0.0 Or are higher versions suitable for porting and development? :thinking:

Yes. In general, if a port is available in a version, it is suitable for development. Let us know if you face any problem in using this port. Also, is there any reason for not using the latest version?

Well, I checked the version update document on github and found that 9.0.0 started to support R5, so I used this version. I may try to use the latest version in the future. In addition, I would like to ask you a question again. Regarding the DS 5 development platform, have you seen any relevant examples? Thank you so much!

Assuming you are talking about ARM Development Studio, I have not used it myself but you should be able to use FreeRTOS with it.

Hi @zsdfgsdfsdfas,

Currently, there is no Arm Cortex-R5 based example on Arm Development Studio. The closest one I could find was the Arm Compiler 6 based baremetal example in Arm Development Studio file:///opt/arm/developmentstudio-2023.0/examples/docs/baremetal_v7/startup_Cortex-R5_AC6/readme.html (assuming Ubuntu and Arm Development Studio studio installed at /opt/arm) or you can explore all the example by clicking on Help -> Tutorials and Videos in Arm Development Studio.

Please note that, the example mentioned above is a baremetal example. Therefore, you still need add FreeRTOS-Kernel support. But it can be a good starting point.

I believe this snippet is from the section 10.10 About OS awareness in Arm Development Studio user guide. In the same section, the following is mentioned, FreeRTOS 10.2.1: Armv6-M, Armv7-M, Armv7-R, Armv7-A, Armv8-M..

Please let us know if you are facing any issues while adding FreeRTOS-kernel support or debugging the example.