freeRTOS SMP was ported to TC397

可否提供freeRTOS SMP移植到TC397的参考例子?例子中包含详细的配置信息

Translated by Google: “Can you provide a reference example of porting freeRTOS SMP to TC397? Examples include detailed configuration information”.

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Unfortunately, we currently don’t have an official FreeRTOS port for TC397.
But there is a pending PR from Infineon for TC375.

Here are some more info might help you on TC397:

  1. The guideline on FreeRTOS SMP. There are two pre-configured example projects list there.
  2. Some community members might have done the porting for TC3xx family
  3. This Infineon forum post gives some options for TC397 FreeRTOS support. One of the option is to utilize the aforementioned TC375 demo project.