FreeRTOS running on NIOS 2 Gen 2 Softcore

did anybody run FreeRTOS on NIOS 2 Gen2 using Quartus Premium Lite 20.1?
I only found a port from 2010, but the installation procedure didn’t fit to the new tool chain versions.
Any hint?
Thanks a lot.

With best egards

I’m afraid it is a while since I worked on NIOS 2 - is there a doc that highlights the differences between Gen1 and Gen2? I think there is a pull request for a NIOS II port but that has to do with the interrupt management rather than generation of the [soft] core.

Hi Richard,
I think I managed the Eclipse problems. I can open the special Eclipse version provided by Intel to work with the NIOS 2 soft core and I get a nice directory structure with FreeRTOS.
But … I get lot of compilation errors.
In portable.h I get: StackType_t * pxPortInitialiseStack( StackType_t * pxTopOfStack,
TaskFunction_t pxCode,
void * pvParameters ) PRIVILEGED_FUNCTION;
Unknown type name.
Ok, because portBase_t is also unknown.

/* Type definitions. */
#define portCHAR char
#define portFLOAT float
#define portDOUBLE double
#define portLONG long
#define portSHORT short
#define portSTACK_TYPE unsigned portLONG
#define portBASE_TYPE long

And here I get 'Missing binary operator for token ‘long’.


Any idea where to start?

Thanks a lot.


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