FreeRTOS porting : MPC5645S : e200z4d CPU

Hello Freertos team,

I am working on the NXP 32 bit powerPC MCU : MPC5645S it uses following CPU core : e200z4d .

Please suggest, where can i get reference example or starting point for porting freeRTOS to this MCU. May be some MCU with similar core where freeRTOS have been ported.

With your help previously i was able to port freeRTOS to RL78 & RH850.

Any help from your side will be appreciable.

Thanks & Regards,


I am not aware of any port that can be used as reference for this MCU. You can refer to porting guide, but it is not specific to a port as the port is dependent on the functionality provided by MCUs.

Also if you are looking for commercial support WITTENSTEIN high integrity systems offer a full porting and testing service!