FreeRtOS port for the freescale MPC5567 ???

vlad-nikolov wrote on Monday, December 01, 2008:


I’m curious if there is already a port of FreeRtOS for the MPC5567 architecture?
The freescale MPC5567 is a 32 bit PowerPC (e200z6 core) with 64 kb RAM and 2 MB flash memory, running with 132 MHz.
Can somebody give me some numbers about that OS, e.g. size, memory footrpint and so on?
Do you think 64 kb RAM, 2 MB flash and the 132 MHz are enough for running FreeRtOS on that MCU?

Thanks in advance,


rtel wrote on Tuesday, December 02, 2008:

I am not aware of one, but from what you say in your post it sounds like a perfect candidate target.