freeRTOS on Virtex4 with APU FPU

vadimm81 wrote on Monday, March 30, 2009:

Has anybody had experience with the Xilinx virtex4 port with apu fpu.
I’m trying to make it work now. (the apu fpu port)

As long as I deal with the "usual" tasks all working fine.
When I introduce the floating tasks the system just freezes.

All tasks are created with success but when the scheduler is trying to run the first task all freezes.

I am working with virtex4 fpga but on a customized board (not evaluation ml410).
Also I ported the project from xilinx edk 8.2 to 9.2.02i and running it from there.

When I run simple float multiplication without multitasking it succeeds.

Xilinx errata on the ppc405 mentions system freeze :

But I’m not sure if I encounter one of their scenarios.

Any suggestions ?

Thank you.
In advance.

rtel wrote on Wednesday, April 01, 2009:

I had a thing occur where the FPU didn’t work correctly - control didn’t pass back to the CPU so the system froze after a FLOP calculation.  Having ping ponged it back and forth with Xilinx for a while they suggested that I installed their entire tool chain, instead of ‘just the components I needed’.  After I followed their instructions the problem went away.

Don’t know if this is in any way related to your issue though.