FreeRTOS on STM32F769I-EVAL not qualified?

The STM32F769I-EVAL runs an Arm Cortex M7 and I am considering FreeRTOS as the OS. I presume getting FreeRTOS running should be similar to other qualified M7 devices such as the STM32 NUCLEO-F767ZI, less integration of additional drivers that I integrate myself with the eval kit. My question is, how do kits like these get qualified? I see a FreeRTOS demo on ST’s Github for the eval kit, but the eval kit isn’t listed in the qualified devices page. Thanks!

Are you wanting just the kernel, or to connect to a cloud service? The qualification program is for the latter, or more specifically AWS IoT although FreeRTOS is used to connect to all cloud services. We are currently working on an update that you can run outside of that environment and incorporates the device tester - which can be run independently too and didn’t exist when the qualification program was launched.

Thanks Richard. Initially, just flashing the kernel onto the board and getting a demo running such as blinking LED tasks, but later on I will integrate BLE and work on over the air updates, so it seems like both would be helpful. The device tester looks promising!