Choosing appropriate evaluation board for freeRTOS

saghafiaut wrote on Tuesday, May 19, 2015:

My project is related to a data acquisition system which gathers different
analog/digital signals and send them to a server via GSM.

Due to the architecture of my program is based on threading I found
very useful.

I have a question:
Is there any appropriate evaluation/development board which freeRTOS
contains BSP and all peripherals drivers and stacks such as CAN Bus, TCP-IP,
SPI, UART, LCD ? if yes, let me know the name of it.
otherwise I would be pleased if you could offer me an evaluation board which
your OS provide maximum support packages and drivers/stacks for it.

I appreciate your response beforehand

rtel wrote on Tuesday, May 19, 2015:

There are several manufacturers that provide their chips with FreeRTOS and a set of driver libraries. Here is a good place to start: