freertos older versions

hassanbd wrote on Tuesday, August 05, 2014:


I am using some codes written in FreeRTOS v7.1.0. I need to build on it, so I tried to upgrade to FreeRTOS v8. But I discovered that the freertos files were modified and it may not be feasible for me to try to upgrade.

If I decide to code using v7.1.0, can I find the documentation for this older version somewhere?

Thanks in advance.

rtel wrote on Tuesday, August 05, 2014:

As far as I know, by default at least, version 8 is a drop in replacement for version 7, but you can check that on the following two link:

Note the second link mentions configENABLE_BACKWARD_COMPATIBILITY - by default this option is set for backward compatibility.

If you are finding that V8 is not a drop in replacement then please let us know the issues you are facing.

Richard Barry.

hassanbd wrote on Tuesday, August 05, 2014:


The issue is that the freeRTOS files themselves have been modified to suit the need of the project. To upgrade, I have to include each modifiations to the freertos v8 files.

I am going to stick with the older version. But the issue is to know which API I can use and which ones were later additions.

davedoors wrote on Tuesday, August 05, 2014:

Event groups are the main new thing. The new API functions have a banner saying they are only available in v8. For example