Pro/cons upgrading to the latest version??

tjohansen wrote on Tuesday, March 22, 2011:


I’m currently using v. 5.1.2 of the FreeRTOS and it work great.

But I could use some inputs on where ever I should spend the time upgrading to the latest FreeRTOS version.

I in generally like the saying: If it work, don’t fix it!!

But again, always compare with the benefits.

What would be the benefits of doing the upgrade: Speed, feature??

I’m using a LPC2478 (ARM 7) so no MMU.


rtel wrote on Wednesday, March 23, 2011:

The change history can be found here: .   It does say “FreeRTOS V6 is backward compatible with FreeRTOS V5.x.” so upgrading should be easy, but your attitude of " If it works, don’t fix it" would seem sensible.

FreeRTOS V7.0.0 does include some major new features, and is also backward compatible, so if the new features would be useful to you then it might be better to wait and just skip V6 and go straight to V7.