FreeRTOS for Infineon Tricore TC375

I want to port freeRTOS on Infineon Tricore TC375, does freeRTOS have support for this microcontroller and looking for compilation procedure and BSP support.

Please help me on this regard.


@umesh Unfortunately, there is no official FreeRTOS port for the TC375.

A community member has stated that he is working on contributing a port for a similar processor in this forum topic.

As noted on Infineon’s forum, they do have a FreeRTOS based demo for this MCU available from their support site.

– Paul

Hi Paul, Thanks for your reply. Is there any support for Infineon Tricore series except TC375.


@umesh It would probably be best to contact your Infineon FAE for details on their offerings. We currently have a single official TriCore port and would welcome any community contributions in this area.

Hi Paul,
Can you share the link to checkout the single Tricore support of FreeRTOS with compilation procedure.

This should be the link you’re looking for - RTOS demo project for Infineon TriCore TC1782 using the HighTec GCC compiler and PLS UDE debugger under Eclipse