freeRtos + Beagleboard xm + tcip stack

manishkanchan wrote on Friday, November 18, 2011:

Hi All,
I am Manish from bangalore.As a prt of my college project i am planning to use freertos on beagleboard.I came across a port of freertos on beagleboardxm.Also, I ant to estabilish a ethernet connection to the BBxm using free tcpip stack such as FreeTCPIP/Iwip but i am confused.
Are there any usb to ethernet drivers available to be used in BBxm with freertos.If not, then how do /where do i begin to develop such a driver?

Guide me
Manish Kanchan

rtel wrote on Monday, November 21, 2011:

There is not currently official support for the processor used on the Beagle Board, but there is some discussion on it in the FreeRTOS Interactive site if that helps:


manishkanchan wrote on Wednesday, November 23, 2011:

Yes i have been following this thread.As far as i infered, it is a port for beagleboard ( which is good news for me ). Now i was looking to get ethernet up and running.So was looking for some leads for device drive for smsc lan 9514 used in BBxm.
Hvae been going through some code lately but not getting enough informatoon to start off.