freeRTOS and ICD2 emulator/debugger

martepisa wrote on Thursday, June 21, 2007:

I’m sorry for my english … so I get to the point !

I’m trying to develop a Dtmf/Tone decoder/generator with some gsm/slic interface with freeRTOS on PIC 18 with PIC-C 18 compiler shipped from Microchip, but I read in REAL_ICE_User_Guide_51616a and MPLAB_ICD2_User_s_Guide specifications, that emulator/debugger ( ICE and ICD2 ) uses some stack resources on the target board ( I want to emulate my firmware before to release it ! ).
I kwon that freeRTOS port for PIC-18 in MPLAB environment manage the PIC stack for task switch … so, i’ts possible to use ICD2 emulator ( the PIC microcontroller is PIC18F86J15 ) in that context or I have to use only the embedded MPLAB simulator ( MPLAB SIM v 7.60 ) ?

Mario Tesi.

rtel wrote on Friday, June 22, 2007:

I have never tried using ICD2 with PIC18, but have with PIC24 and dsPIC and did not find any problems.  I think the memory reserved by the debug interface is allocated in the linker script so is separate (?).


paul_piak wrote on Monday, July 02, 2007:


I have been debugging a 8525 and 8627 with an ICD2 for 2 years. There are no problems.
Be sure to use the debugger linker script though (18Fxxxxi.lkr)