dsPIC33F, In Circuit Debugger (ICD2) crashes

crendon wrote on Tuesday, June 12, 2007:

Has anyone experienced MPLAB crashing when programming the demo that comes with FreeRTOS on the Explorer 16 Dev Board but using the ICD2 as a debugger (not programmer)?

I basically execute the Debugger/Program option and after that
MPLAB is crashing. Here are the details. I would really appreciate if you can suggest what can I be doing wrong.

C30             3.0
MPLAB     Certified
Windows XP      5.1.2600.2 Service Pack 2n\a
ICDDB     n\a
MasterDB    n\a
PCMDB2k    n\a
PMFDB4k    n\a
DLLInfoRec     Certified
DMCI         Certified
ICD2       Certified
MemGauge    Certified
MP4KE18E    Certified
MP4KE18X    Certified
Mp4keDSC    Certified
MPBootloader       Certified
MPChecksum    Certified
MPDebugger    Certified
MPDevice    Certified
MPDisplays    Certified
MPE12xxx    Certified
MPE16xxx    Certified
MPE17XXX    Certified
MPE18EXX    Certified
MPE18HC3    Certified
MPE18XXX    Certified
MPEditor4    Certified
MPExpress    Certified
MPForum    Certified
MPI2KVerify     Certified
MPIce2K    Certified
MPICE4K    Certified
MPIceState    Certified
MPIceStopwatch    Certified
MPLAB SIM12    Certified
MPLAB SIM16    Certified
MPLAB SIM18    Certified
MPLAB SIM30    Certified
MPLoader    Certified
MPLogicDisplay    Certified
MPMemory        2.3           Certified
MPProgram   Certified
MPProject    Certified
MPRecorder    Certified
MPSim      Certified
MPSimBreakpoints1.60.0.0      Certified
MPSimulator     Certified
MPStimulus    Certified
MPStopwatch     Certified
MPTags    Certified
MPTask       Certified
MPTranslator    Certified
MPUSrcvw4    Certified
MPVDI       Certified
SCLStimulus    Certified
Suite_CCSPic      Uncertified
Suite_dsPIC     3.0.1         Certified
Suite_HITECH16      Uncertified
Suite_HITECH18      Uncertified
Suite_HITECHdsPIC1.30.0.7      Uncertified
Suite_LSCProxy       Certified
Suite_Microchip 3.0           Certified
Vault_CVS       Certified
Vault_PVCS       Certified
Vault_VSS       Certified

rtel wrote on Tuesday, June 12, 2007:

I have used several different MPLAB versions and it has always been rock solid.  Maybe there is something upsetting in the USB driver?  I would suggest uninstalling the ICD2 drivers, then re-installing them ensuring that you are using the latest version.  If this does not help then perhaps re-installing all the MPLAB tools?

Sorry not to be able to offer anything more helpful.


crendon wrote on Thursday, June 21, 2007:

Richard, thank you for your answer, I agree it was something related to my machine (IBM T60P) and the version of MPLAB (7.60a), once I upgraded to 7.61 the problem went away. Thanks again