FreeRTOS 9.0.0 on CC3200 - suggestions

mimmux wrote on Friday, December 16, 2016:

Hi All,
First of all, thanks for your great work!

I’ve recently downloaded FreeRTOS 9.0.0 and tried to run it on a TI CC3200 LaunchPad using GCC
Now, neither the ARM_CM4F nor the ARM_CM4_MPU ports seem to work.

So I had a look at the port ARM_CM4 that is shipped by Texas Instruments in their CC3200 SDK for FreeRTOS 8.0.1, and to my untrained eye it seemed pretty similar to the ARM_CM3 port. And I tried both the old port by TI, and the FreeRTOS 9.0.0 port for ARM_CM3, and they both seem to work on a simple example using tasks and queues.

My questions would be:

  1. Is it likely that this board becomes directly supported by FreeRTOS?
  2. Is the approach of using the ARM_CM3 port correct? Or would it be better to use the ARM_CM4 port shipped by TI for FreeRTOS 8.0.1 ?

Thank you very much.

rtel wrote on Friday, December 16, 2016:

The port to use depends on the hardware available in the MCU device.

If the MCU has a floating point unit (FPU) then use the
/FreeRTOS/Source/portable/ARM_CM4F port code.

If the MCU does not have an FPU, or the FPU is going to be left
disabled, then use the /FreeRTOS/Source/portable/ARM_CM3 port code -
even if the MCU is actually an M4.

Hope that helps.