Free rtos timer callback notification to a task

vasudsun wrote on Friday, December 13, 2019:

I am using Free rtos software timer. From the callback function , how can I give the notification to a task .As per the manual, I can’t call any free rtos api from the timer call back which will make the daemon task to BLOCKED_STATE

The direct to task notification functions that send a notification (for example and do not include a block time parameter, so cannot place the calling task into the blocked state.

Most of the notification calls either don’t block (like the direct to task notifications mentioned above) or can be given a 0 wait time so they won’t block (but might return a timeout error if they couldn’t perform the action, likely because a queue is full of notifications), therefore, they can be used in a timer callback function.

What that statement means is that you shouldn’t call an API function with a non-zero block time, as that can cause problems.

So what would be a proper workaround for that if you wat to notify a task on timer firing?